The Community United Presbyterian Church

 Theme for 2016-2017


The Goals:

  1. To share more about mission
  2. To support missionaries, local & abroad
  3. TO DO more mission work    




                  It takes our Community to make things happen in our Church!  The Presbyterian Women of Redstone Presbytery held their annual Fall Gathering at CUP on Saturday, October 21, thanks to the women of CUP.  Much time and effort was given by our women to make this happen.  Some helped to clean, decorate, and set up, while others prepared food, served, and cleaned up after the breakfast and luncheon.  It’s great to know that we have so many willing workers when you are called     upon.  Thank you, Marsha, Margaret, Jacquie, Anna Jean, Shirley, Ellie, Barb, Lisa C., Elaine, Annie, Lisa R., Mary Ann, Nancy G., Suzie, and Nancy S.  Also, thanks to two of the guys for their help as well, Mike and Grafton!   We very much appreciate you!   

Lee & Judy


    HARVEST HOME was held on Sunday, October 22nd. The sanctuary was beautifully decorated with the fruits and vegetables of the season. The Thank Offering was            received and will be used to support many projects to improve life for families all over the world. We collected $ 521.00 at the time of this printing but if you would like to      donate it’s not too late.

Karl Casey was the guest speaker and shared about providing clean water for the people of Haiti. It’s hard to imagine a country without clean water until he shared his           pictures. But it was hopeful to see the purification systems that Water for the World teams install.


NOVEMBER 7th is our next big event—THE ELECTION DAY LUNCH

Please invite your neighbors and friends to join us after they cast their ballot. Please bring your salads or desserts to the church Monday night between 6-7PM or 8-9AM on Tuesday. 




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