The Community United Presbyterian Church





SCRIP CARDS orders can be placed the first Sunday of each month. Please think about ordering SCRIP cards to support the church. . Some cash and carry cards are available every Sunday for purchase.  Are you shopping at Giant Eagle because of the fuel perks? Buy Giant Eagle cards from CUP and you are helping the church and yourself at the same time. Not sure what gift cards you are going to need next month? Purchase a Giant Eagle card and you can purchase any card at Giant Eagle you need. Yes, you still get the fuel perks. If you have questions about this program see Judy or Lisa.


     You can still donate all kinds of textiles including clothing, shoes and all the accessories you wear: hats, belts, purses. Bag them up and put them in the blue bins at the corner of the parking lot. You can also bag up sheets, towels, curtains, tablecloths, any kind of linens. These items will be recycled and the church will receive a check. This is an ongoing project so please keep filling up the bins.


Collect Boxtops for Education and deposit them in the box in the narthex. Many products have several boxtops this time of year. These boxtops are each worth 10 cents. We send them to an Indian Reservation where they can purchase much needed supplies for their school.


Recycle good usable shoes and help earn money for the 2018 Meal Packaging Event for RISE AGAINST HUNGER. Please put only the shoes in the collection box. We will accept all kinds of shoes for all ages. No flip flops, crocs, or winter boots.


The 2017 Hunger Walk and Unity Picnic was held at Keystone State Park on October. Music and Fellowship was enjoyed by the participants. The walkers raised $1100 which was distributed to The Westmoreland Food Bank, the Emergency Food Bank in New Alex and to RISE AGAINST HUNGER for a future meal packaging event on      October 20, 2018. Thanks to everyone who walked or sponsored a walker.


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